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  • How can I attach the colllar to the pet?
    Our E-collars have a patent pending design that allows the collar to hug the neck and stay on without any additional collar, strings or ties. Simply wrap the collar around the pet's neck and secure the fastener strips. Gently pull up on the collar to insure it's secured properly and will not pull off. Avoid overtightening. That's it!
  • Are your products available to pet owners and pet product retailers for resale?
    We do not directly market to retailers, however our products are available for purchase to anyone who visits our website. We do not offer retail packaging.
  • Can I purchase a single e-collar or do I have to buy multipacks?
    We only offer multipacks for sale. If you are a small shelter or animal veterinary office or hospital and would like to request a product sample, you can add samples to your cart on the "Place Order" page.
  • Why do you only offer two E-collar sizes?
    We are a small company and willing to design new products or make custom modifications to our existing products to better suit your needs. Please contact us if you have a unique request. We will make every attmept to accomodate you.
  • Will you be offering huggable E-collars for larger animals in the future?
    Our unique patent pending design warrants further research and development for larger animals and we hope to offer e-collars for larger animals in the future.
  • Can I order a free sample of your E-collar?
    You can order samples at the "Place Order" page for a small handling fee if you are a licensed small animal shelter, veterinary office or hospital.
  • Are your products only available on your website?
    Huggable Pet is also available through Vetcove. You can see our products here. If you do not have a free Vetcove account, you can sign-up here:
  • What is your sales tax policy?
    Huggable Pet LLC collects Sales Tax in Pennsylvania where we have a physical location. If you are exempt from sales and use tax, please email your information to or send via postal mail to Huggable Pet LLC, 4117 Spring Cir, Bushkill PA 18324. Please include a copy of your Exemption Certificate, Resale Certificate, or other acceptable documentation showing proof of exempt status. Please note that a copy of your seller's permit is not a valid form of exemption. Documentation review may take up to 2-3 business days and please be advised that we may need to reach out to you for additional information.
  • Can I return unused products?
    We accept unused, unopened product in its original packaging for up to 90 days from the date purchased. Please include your receipt or order number. We do not pay for return shipping or issue refunds on shipping.
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