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Why Pet Parent(s) Love Us

"He is so comfortable now.  Thank you so much... plus he slept through the night without any discomfort" 

 -- Carol, Staten Island NY

"The Velcro®-like closing held very securely and at the right tightness level around the neck.  I tried to pull it off but couldn't do it.  That's great!"   -- Paula, Biddeford ME

Inventor Inspiration

"I was afraid to leave the house.  Pugslie managed to take off every other collar I tried.  I had to get permission from my boss to work from home so I could keep an eye on him.  Thank God for the inspiration behind this collar!  It stayed on and I didn't have to worry about leaving him home alone anymore."  -- Inventor of the Huggable Pet LLC e-collar


Pet Parent Collar Quest!

inflatable collar.PNG

"This one is like a mattress on his head"  

Beloved Pugslie  

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